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About The New Adventures of Zak McKracken

The New Adventures Of Zak McKracken

The New Adventures Of Zak McKracken is a fan made game. It is the unofficial sequel to the adventure game Zac McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. In The New Adventure Of Zak McKracken you jump again in the role of legendary Zak McKracken. The New Adventure of Zack McKracken continues right there where Alien Mindbenders end. Zak just has saved the world from the evil Aliens and is now chillin and enjoying his life as a hero. Life is good for Zak. He just got awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. His bank account is loaded. So money is no longer a issue. The only problem is to find the f****** bank card. Life is treating Zak very good. But then Anni gets kidnapped. The whole world breaks down for Zak. He has to rescue Anni. So again Zak McKracken is on a mission to save his hirlfriend. And if that would not be enough - Zak has to save to world again....

Got the Nobel piece prize

The New Adventures Of Zak McKracken has been released and developed by LucasFan Games. It was released 14 years after the original Zak McKracken game was released. LucasFan Games is a group of software developers who develope computer games very very similar to the LucasArts games. The original game had a big fan community. If you have played and enjoyed the old game you will definately love the new one.

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Gameplay of The New Adventures Of Zak McKracken

You will have an inventory box. And as in the original you will interact with verbs in the game. You do that by clicking on them. puzzles in The New Adventures Of Zak McKracken are beautifully incorporated. They fit perfect in the story and the gameplay. Some of them are not quite as good as the puzzles in the original one. But all of them are very good playable and they don't repeate. Means they are very different from each other. This will give you a way more interesting gameplay. The graphics in The New Adventures Of Zak McKracken are very nice and keep the nostalgic feeling. The resolution is 640x480 px which is a bit better than the old versions. But i can't keep up with modern computer graphics. Anyway it does not have to. It is Zak McKracken man.The New Adventures Of Zak McKracken does not have to hide behing other commercial games. It is definately worth playing it. If you need a walkthrough, you can find one here: walkthrough

In The New Adventures Of Zak McKracken a lot of the locations from the original are accessible. Some of them have changes you should look out for. There are also a lot of new caracters in the game. And of course some of the old caracters will be there again aswell.

Background to the Developers of The New Adventures of Zak McKracken

Zak McKracken was made by Lucasfan Games. Lucasfan Games is the name of a developer group founded in 2001. They have been specialized in point-and-click adventure games. Most of the games of Lucasfan Games are from stroy and graphics very close to classic adventure games of LucasArts. The name of the group itself sais it. The games are Fan-Games.
Free games released by Lucasfan Games:

Closing of the website of LucasFan Games. In October 2005 LucasFan Games had to shutdown their website. They left the following goodbye text: Recent events have forced us to shut down our web appearance. We would like to thank all our fans and supporters who believed in us and our dreams. A lot of computer magazines reported that a Cease and Desist letter was the reason for the group to shutdown the website. They where forced to stop the develpment of a new game cause of copyright reasons. Since that time it is quiet about LucasFan Games. But in 2011 some pictures where found which prove that the game is still in develpment. So far no title of the game has been announced.

Where can I get The New Adventures Of Zak McKracken?

Well as it is said above. The developer of The New Adventures of Zak McKracken had to close down their website. But they released the game as freeware and free to share. But there are many websites online where you can download it. If you looking to download The New Adventures of Zak McKracken you should check out They have heaps of freeware games on their site. And they are all free to download.